Understanding the Financial System:
Social Credit Rediscovered 
Frances Hutchinson
Jon Carpenter 2010




This book is the definitive introduction to social credit, readable for the beginner, but full of illumination for the experienced scholar. It has been described as "a treasure house of information about a historical episode in the battle for a just, fair and well-ordered society" (Green Christian).

The work transcends the narrow categories of political and faith positions, presenting instead an environmental focus acceptable to all. The modern world is in crisis because it is content to remain under the spell of international finance and corporate control. Understand the historical roots of the problem, as unfolded in the chapters of this book, is a first step towards breaking the spell, so that the economy can be re-localised in human-scale institutions.

The book concludes on a matter of fact note: "An academic world run according to the pecuniary rules of 'sound finance' could scarcely have been expected to accommodate an open minded approach to study across the spectrum of the arts and sciences. Whether the challenge will be met or not, only the future will tell. If not, all that will remain of humanity will be miles of empty tarmac and millions of lost golf balls." (p.266, with thanks to James Reed's review, "The Recovery and Re-enactment of Social Credit", 2010).