Social Credit  introduces a radical alternative to economics as currently taught in universities. Instead of patenting scientific discoveries, even genes, for speculative investors to collect a rent on them, the social dividend would contribute to gear down the drive to maximization of the financial sector. It would encourage alternative life styles that would cultivate other goals than the consumption of highly promoted items of little or negative usefulness. Read more

Guild Socialism and Douglas Social Credit had this in common: in their different ways they both questioned the deep faith that Marxist and most brands of socialism shared with the prophets of capitalism – that economic growth was in itself beneficent and necessary, and ultimately liberating. The guild socialists questioned this on aesthetic, philosophic and social grounds under the influence of William Morris, John Ruskin, and even of Robert Owen.

The guild socialists saw in excessive industrialization an undermining of the elements of pluralism and local autonomies in earlier societies. Current Globalization and Deregulation with its destructive effects on the environment, the family, the multiplicity of life styles, is only an explosive manifestation of this trend. Read more...


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