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Social Credit is a study of economics and the social order which will enable you to explain why the words quoted below are farcical. The words are spoken by an orthodox economist seeking to persuade a potentially rebellious population that there is no viable alternative to global corporatism:


“Suppose a party of people were wrecked on a desert island, what do you think would be the first thing they’d do? Obviously they would look around for a man with money to employ them in gathering fruit. If there were no capitalist among them, or if he didn’t see his way to make a profit out of the business, they would all remain unemployed and starve to death, no matter how fertile the island might be.

"If therefore we want to have plenty of employment, we must give every possible incentive to entrepreneurs – encouraging them to get as much of our money from us as they can, so that they can spend it on employing us to make more for them.” (Eimar O’Duffy, Asses in Clover, Jon Carpenter Publishing 2003, p 246-7)